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Brand Design Services

Brand Strategy

Your brand is more than your logo, colour palette and website – there’s more to it than that. There are intangible elements that, when implemented consistently over time, help to drive brand awareness, brand sentiment and brand equity. Is there a name for this process?
Yes, it’s your brand strategy.

Market insights

Our market analysis reveals critical consumer behaviors and trends, giving your brand the edge it needs to connect and grow.


We craft a unique brand narrative that highlights your distinct value, ensuring your brand resonates powerfully with your audience.

Brand vision

Together, we’ll get to the heart of your brand’s vision and how you can use it to drive initiatives in your business (especially your marketing strategy) now and into the future.

Brand voice

This is how your brand ‘sounds’ out in the market. It’s not just about your tone of voice (the personality in your written communications), but also about your positioning and messaging. To get this right, you need to get to know your ideal customer, their needs and expectations.

Brand Visual

Your visuals are the manifestation of your vision and voice, including your website, social media channels and any collateral. We’ll give you everything you need for consistent visuals so you can build a strong brand from the ground up.


A brand strategy is a plan for how a company will make its brand stand out, and a visual moodboard is a collection of images and design elements that help to create a visual representation of the brand’s personality and style.

Logo Design

We create multiple concepts by brainstorming as many ideas as possible. The best ideas will be chosen and refined by experimenting with various colours, typography, and composition, in preparation for presentation to the client. 

Identity Design

Brand identity design aims to create a consistent, recognizable visual representation of the brand that can be applied to various touchpoints. In this phase, you will see visual mockups of your brand collaterals, marketing material or packaging examples depending on your business.

Brand guide

A brand style guide is to ensure consistency and accuracy in how a brand is presented across all applications. It provides a clear and detailed guide for anyone who works with your brand to understand how to use the design elements correctly, maintain brand recognition, and avoid inconsistencies that could dilute the brand’s identity and message. The complete style guide pdf will also include typography, colour codes, photography and illustration briefs. 

Brand Design

A well designed brand becomes an important asset to the success and longevity of any business. We specialise in identity design that effortlessly tell your brand story and keeps you memorable.

Packaging design

Packaging design is critical for any product’s success, as it not only protects and transports the product but also serves as a marketing tool.

A good packaging design can help your product stand out from competitors and catch the eye of potential customers.

At Courtney Kim Studio, we take pride in crafting packaging designs that meet your functional needs and align with your brand identity.


As designers, we have the power to change the world to be greener. We are committed to designing all of our projects with environmentally friendly packaging. We go to great lengths to adopt the latest trends and technologies that are recyclable, reusable, compostable and plastic-free. 

Skincare & Beauty

Our cosmetic product packaging design spotlights your skincare and doesn’t detract from the magic of what’s inside. 

Retail packaging

Retail packaging plays a crucial role in protecting the product’s quality and safety, extending its shelf life, and communicating important information to consumers such as nutritional value and ingredients.  Our packaging design can add an extra layer of ‘wow’ to your signature products. 


From standing out on the shelves to unboxing experiences and product design, we think deeply about every aspect of how people can interact with your product and the kind of story you want to tell. We use our knowledge of consumer buying behaviour and psychology for product packaging design that is on-brand and out of this world. 

website design

Unique to our website design is that we create sites that convert. Starting from scratch or by modifying your current website, we believe your website should serve as a hub for bringing you business, educating customers with information, and automating processes to make your life easier.

Social media design

We offer on-brand social media ads and visuals to our clients on a monthly basis.  Our social media design work is presented with a seasonal strategy, a well-written copy, and automated posting that can save you hours on management.

Digital Marketing

There’s an art to knowing how to market online – and we’ve got the skills. Our team can give you the confidence to manage multiple channels and generate leads, while still retaining your brand in all its glory (and save you time in the process, too).

Digital design

Combining strategic branding with real-time data insights, we design online platforms and social media assets driven by user experience and digital trends that build brand awareness while also attracting and converting the right traffic. We use in-depth research and real customer data to design strategies that are economical, insightful and catered to your goals.