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If you’d like to hear more about our work and the services we offer such as brand identity, e-commerce design, fill out the form below or give us a call. We love hearing from new people and getting to know their stories.
405/ 37 Swanston St Mebourne,
Victorica. Australia 3000
Phone: + 61 3 9943 7482
Email: info@symphnicpixels.com
We’re always on the lookout for talented people and are currently searching for a mid-level PHP and front-end devleoper. Send your CV and examples of your work to info@symphnicpixels.com


Interested in working together? Tell us about your project idea or business goal. Our team can give you a call back within the hour to discuss your strategic creative options.

Courtney Kim Studio

Courtney Kim is a boutique branding and graphic design agency that specialises in brand development, packaging, and digital design for Australian retail industries.

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405/37 Swanston St
Melbourne VIC
Australia 3000

Phone 03 9943 7482