Brand Strategy

Your brand is more than your logo, colour palette and website – there’s more to it than that. There are intangible elements that, when implemented consistently over time, help to drive brand awareness, brand sentiment and brand equity. Is there a name for this process?
Yes, it’s your brand strategy.

What is brand strategy?

A good brand strategy is a roadmap for your long-term goals and branding activities. Ultimately, the purpose of a brand strategy is to support your brand to become your customers preferred choice in the market. It’s also how you let the world know that your brand exists and
why it’s so unique.

what makes us different

Our approach to Brand Strategy

We rely on close collaboration to understand your business and goals so we can define your brand message and tone of voice. Learning together through questionnaires, workshops and mood boards, we can uniquely shape the strategy and direction of your brand.

At Courtney Kim Studio, we use our signature 3V methodology for brand strategy: Vision, Voice and Visuals. Our refined process has taken years to develop and can give you the confidence you need to chase those big, blue sky goals. 


Why does your brand exist? Is it to disrupt a particular industry? Maybe it’s here to care for a certain group of people. Together, we’ll get to the heart of your brand’s vision and how you can use it to drive initiatives in your business (especially your marketing strategy) now and into the future.


This is how your brand ‘sounds’ out in the market. It’s not just about your tone of voice (the personality in your written communications), but also about your positioning and messaging. To get this right, you need to get to know your ideal customer, their needs and expectations.


Your visuals are the manifestation of your vision and voice, including your website, social media channels and any collateral. We’ll give you everything you need for consistent visuals so you can build a strong brand from the ground up.

Courtney Kim Studio brand strategy and brand consultation services are delivered through consultancy-based engagement or a one-off strategy package. Depending on where you are in your business and your long-term objectives, our brand strategy will provide you with an compelling market insights and a clear roadmap to follow.


Your Brand Strategy Question Answered

The brand strategy establishes the long-term direction, whereas the marketing strategy defines the more immediate measures. Marketing strategy includes campaigns, content, public relations, and interactions with your target audience or customer, whereas brand strategy defines your enduring values.

Brand strategy helps you and your team get rock solid on your purpose (your ‘why’), values, mission and vision, as well as revealing a roadmap for how you want your customers to feel when they engage with your brand. 

Your brand strategy is a big reflection of everything else that exists beyond the ‘bottom line’. Brand, as a concept, is how your customers perceive your business – so why not take the time to guide them to what you’re trying to accomplish, rather than leaving them to figure out for themselves. Read more on our blog.

A brand positioning strategy involves identifying a brand’s ideal position in the market and in the minds of consumers’ mind. We conduct significant market research to ensure that our client’s brand is easily recognisable by their target market. If the brand fails to do so, it becomes just another commodity or product on the shelf.


Brand Strategy Examples