As  a consequence of countless companies pursuing new marketing techniques, old school advertising seems to be going by the wayside. However, Bain & Company recently found that these new trends don’t always result in one of the most important marketing measures – packaging design recall.

Brand recall indicates how easily a consumer sorts through product choices and remembers a specific brand.  Also known as brand recognition, this measure reminds marketers that shoppers only recall a limited number brands at any given time – increasing the need for your product to be one of the first brand solutions that comes to purchasers’ mind.

All things considered, it is proven that digital media can effectively reach a wide target market at a very low cost. However, studies show that using both new and old tactics will better position brands at the front of their retail shelves. With the national cosmetic industry worth $4 billion, how have some of Australia’s most highly recognized skincare brands ensured their products are recalled first? With the help of one simple technique: packaging design.

The strategy behind packaging design for skincare products must consider both the end user’s functional needs and aesthetic wants. As a result, cosmetic companies are no longer only focusing on the ingredients that go inside the bottle. They also consider the strategic effect of their products’ packaging design.

This is where finding the right creative agency comes in. Some of Australia’s most successful skincare companies have teamed up with Melbourne’s best creative agencies to create a physical representation of their consumer’s most valued needs. For over 9 years, we have been working closely with over 50+ skincare brands from US, Australia, and South Korea to develop packaging that incorporates both corporate and client values in a design that will support brand recognition.

For these reasons, we sought out the Top 5 Australian Skincare Brands whose packaging design suits their target market’s aesthetic values as much as their cosmetic needs. With brand packaging created by local designers, these skincare companies have developed highly recognized products that are beautiful inside and out.

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Aesop branding packagind design


Values: Skin in motion (suiting different skin needs based off environmental factors, age, and travel); function; sensory pleasure.

How they do it: Aesop strategy strives for  functional and sensory based design  in every package, store location, and product ingredient they use.

go to skincare branding packagind design

Go-To Skincare 

Values: Cruelty-free (absolutely no animal testing), natural skin care (many of the Go-To products are vegan friendly).

How they do it: Personable, accessible, and affordable, Go-To skincare’s packaging is colourful – just like the content in their marketing campaigns.

Kevin Murphy product packaging design 6

Kevin Murphy 

Values: Performance, strength, and longevity; sourcing ingredients derived from micro cultivation, organic growing practices, or ecologically sound wild harvesting techniques; high quality natural hair care.

How they do it: With geometric shapes and user friendly design, Kevin Murphy hair care products are housed in containers built for function and longevity – right in line with their product offering.

Frank body packaging design

Frank Body – Brand Design: Love + Money Agency

Values: Australian made and owned; non-toxic skincare derived from natural and naturally derived ingredients, cruelty-free.

How they do it: With a tongue in cheek marketing campaign, Frank products are housed in bathroom-and-shower friendly packages – so the products can be used just where Frank intended.

Image & Brand design: Love+Money Agency


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Values: Skincare products made with plant based ingredients and pure essential oils; made in Australia; as close to nature as possible.
How they do it: Delivering a luxurious skincare range without chemicals and synthetic fragrances, Ena’s online presence and packaging design are minimalistic – just like their products.

Image & design: Ortolan



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