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Duotone Cafe East Perth is a unique and modern cafe located in the heart of East Perth. As a cafe that offers quality coffee, healthy eats, and superfood smoothies, the founders wanted a brand identity that reflected their commitment to using only the finest ingredients and preparing each dish with love and care. That’s where we come in. Our team  was tasked with creating a brand identity that was both modern and minimal, and that focused on the story of the founding duo and their healthy lifestyle.

The first step in creating the brand identity for Duotone Cafe was to get to know the founders and their vision for the cafe. We learned about their lifestyle of clean eating, energetic personalities, and expertise in fitness and body building, and we used this information to inspire the design of the brand.

The name ‘Duotone’ was a key starting point for the brand identity. We wanted to create a brand that was simple and memorable, and that reflected the idea of two people coming together to create something special. The name ‘Duotone’ also has a musical connotation, which we thought was fitting given the energetic and lively atmosphere of the cafe.

From there, we worked on developing the visual identity for Duotone. We wanted to create a minimalist and modern identity that would be both timeless and appealing to customers. To do this, we used a combination of clean lines, bright ‘duotone’ colors, and simple typography. The end result was a brand that was both fresh and modern, yet also familiar and welcoming.

The visual identity of Duotone Cafe is reflected in every aspect of the cafe, from the interior space to the food packaging. We worked closely with the owners to create an interior space that was both warm, bright and inviting, and that reflected the brand’s philosophy of clean eating and energetic personalities. We used natural materials, such as wood and polished concrete, and incorporated bright colors and simple graphics to create a visually appealing space.

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