Salubre Skincare

Salubre Skincare

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Salubre, an Australian owned and made skincare range, approached us with a vision to expand their business into anti-aging and sensitive skin care cosmeceuticals. Although the brand had been in existence for some time, the branding and packaging was quite limiting, particularly from the perspective of scaling the business. To address this challenge, we began with a brand refresh, keeping the brand name “Salubre” while developing a modern, luxury beauty identity that centred around the client’s blend of natural, Chinese medicine and pharmaceutical science. We wanted to demonstrate the two core components of the brand ethos, so we blended eternal Chinese knots and symbology that represents balance and renewal with the simplified scientific iconography of skin cells. The combined visuals resulted in an elegant logomark that reflected the brand’s identity. Through our branding efforts, we helped Salubre transform into a modern and luxurious brand that was well-suited for expansion into new markets. If you’re looking to transform your brand and make it more relevant to your target audience, get in touch with us today.

Salubre Brand Design
Salubre Logo Mark
Luxury Skincare Packaging
Silver and white luxury acrylic skincare packaging