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Catch-Me is a Hong Kong-based wellness life(style) brand made for the modern woman who values versatility. As an Athleisure brand, it provides essential components to fuel movements, optimise daily routines, and help find balance in life. We’ll take a closer look at the brand identity design of Catch-Me and how it reflects the brand’s values and goals. A brand’s identity is much more than just a logo or colour scheme. It’s the entire visual representation of a company, including its logo, typography, packaging, and messaging. This visual representation helps customers to identify and connect with the brand, and it can also influence the perception of the brand in the minds of potential customers. For a fashion brand like Catch-Me, a strong brand identity is crucial for establishing its image and creating a lasting impression on its customers. The right brand identity design can help to differentiate Catch-Me from its competitors, and it can also communicate the brand’s story, mission, and personality.

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