Pink skincare logo design with letterpress effect on a paper


I’m obsessed with skincare – not only because I’m South Korean ?, but also because of its power to inform our identity and bring people together. So when 20 year old Nina from Sira Skincare gave me a call, I jumped at the chance to help her brand her skincare line with a solid strategy and next level ‘Zillennial’ brand design.

What is Sira Skincare?

This Brisbane-based, Australia’s first black beauty entrepreneur is set to shake things up in beauty with their incredible products. The inspiration for Sira came from a noticeable lack in the market of skin correcting products for darker hue skin styles. So Sira got to work to engineer products for all skin colours to hide the discolouration that we all often experience.

‘Flower Power’ and peace, baby!

In our initial brand workshop, one of the influences we identified for Sira was the 1960s ‘Flower Power’ movement and aesthetic. Rooted in empowerment and freedom, I channeled elements of that era into the visual identity, including the logo. It gives Sira something that other, more minimalist and feminine beauty brands didn’t have – a strong and bold voice.

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The evolution of a brand

Sira is all about inclusivity and empowerment – using their products means liberating yourself and building the confidence that comes with feeling comfortable in your own skin. In order to create this bangin’ new identity, I took Sira through our signature V3 branding process and travelled back in time to draw inspiration from an entire generation built on freedom, love and community. 

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Sira didn’t want to ‘blend in’ and be like every other makeup brand – they want to stand out. It was important to the Founder that the branding reflect their passion for all skin types, not just one above all else. They want to appeal to a Gen Z audience who are tech savvy, free-thinking and ready to express themselves, so every aspect of the brand design and strategy needed to address their needs and desires. 

A big part of the strategy focuses on social media. Gen Z are wired into Instagram, SnapChat and TikTok, so my efforts were directed mostly to those platforms with a strong emphasis on a clean website design. I pictured Sira as my BFF, confident and biggest cheerleader – with Sira on my side, I really can do or be anything my heart desires.


A brand’s voice is just as important as its visuals, especially nowadays. It’s one of the easiest ways to identify with your customer and has the power to leave an indelible mark on their lives.

Positive, cheeky, funny and proud – that’s Sira. The brand voice I created is dynamic and matches the modernised and softened visuals that Gen Z consumers love. At the heart of Sira is the empowered woman who’s socially conscious, outspoken, fun and a little bit cheeky. 


I had a ball designing Sira’s new logo. I took the iconic flower shape and turned it into a stamp and placed an ‘S’ at the centre, hinting to Sira as the heart of this new skincare revolution. In combination with the vintage-inspired Recoleta semi-bold font, the logo oozes ‘Flower Power’ vibes but is modern enough to compete on today’s shelves amidst other beauty brands. 

For the colour palette, I decided to opt for a mix of sunny hues and skin tones to reflect the products and purpose of the skincare. The blush and natural brown speak to the more subdued colours of the 1960s, while the two yellows anchor the palette in the present day. These colours are complemented by three pink shades – blush, peach and candy – to round out what is a very vibrant and confident palette. 

The product packaging design stays true to the identity but is slightly more simplified, keeping to one colour and a neutral. This is intentional so as not to distract from the power of the product it encases – it gives the brand an everyday, affordable appeal. 

The last aspect of the visuals I created were the social media graphics. I designed a range of stickers and filters that adopt ubiquitous catchphrases like “yas”, “girl power” and “self care isn’t selfish”. Rolling the brand out across socials make it a big part of the Gen Z customer’s life – they can continue to interact with Sira long after they’ve applied the product to their skin. 

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Are you interested in brand strategy and product packaging design?

To see more of my work for other skincare brands, take a look at my portfolio. I take pride in designing in a sustainable way and have strong relationships with my suppliers, so if you have a product that needs a home, you’ve come to the right place.

Pink skincare logo design with letterpress effect on a paper


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