Salubre is an Australian owned and made skincare range, clinically formulated to treat skin conditions such as acne, psoriasis and eczema. Our client came to us with a vision to expand their business into anti-aging and sensitive skin care cosmeceuticals.

The brand had been in existence for some time, but the branding and packaging was quite limiting, particularly from the perspective of scaling the business.

So we started with a brand refresh. The brand name “Salubre” was kept and we developed a modern, luxury beauty identity centred around the clients blend of natural, Chinese medicine and pharmaceutical science.

We demonstrated these two core components of the brand ethos through blending eternal Chinese knots and symbology that represents balance and renewal with the simplified scientific iconography of skin cells. These combined visuals resulted in an elegant logomark.

When it came to packaging, we had an interesting challenge in representing three ranges (Anti-Aging, Acne prone and Sensitive Skin), totalling on 30+ products on a limited budget, while creating a luxurious look and feel to justify the high-quality ingredients and price point. We created two-colour print systems for each range, using black and a feature foil to bring cost down while retaining consistency and quality throughout each range.

As Courtney comes from a South Korean background, where K-Beautiy is a huge market, we collaborated with a Korean supplier to source unique packaging which accommodated our short turnaround and minimum orders. Courtney’s Korean has come in handy over the years!

The range has launched and has been well-recieved with old and new buyers of the range.

Client : Salubre Health Solutions. Dr. Irene Prantalos

Service: Identity design, packaging design, and trade show design

Salubre icon
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Salubre Brand Design
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