Client, Niyoka is an Indigenous first Nations woman from the Gunditjmara People of the South West Coast of Victoria and the Yuin Peoples of New South Wales. She started the business with her husband who is the head chef. Together they run the standard catering company based around Indigenous native flavours and ingredients to express freshness, creativity and culture.

We designed a new logo for a branding relaunch. They based their work on a detailed interview about the company’s current situation and future vision. ” The logo has received significant praise already, and will soon launch with the rest of the revamped brand. Courtney Kim Studio established smooth communication and displayed fresh design ideas. Their use of colour was particularly striking.”

Creative director: Courtney Kim
Illustration: Victoria McGuinness
Graphic Designer: Xin Er Pua
Digital: Marcus Mak

Client : Niyoka Bundle ( pawacatering.com.au )

Service: Identity design, Illustration, menu design, Website design

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PAWA stationary

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