When we were approached to design an identity and strategy for an ethical children’s wear brand, our ears pricked up. Our entrepreneurial client, Wendy was starting the brand from scratch – meaning we were able to help from the very start. There was no name and no preconceptions. Just a strong vision for quality, sustainable products designed in Australia.

Based on her own experiences of dressing her babies, Wendy had discovered the majority of children’s clothing was awkward to put on, allergenic, often created in dubious circumstances and contributed to a throwaway culture. So in defiance, she created clothing that was functional, good for children and good for the planet.

We were faced with a fun problem to solve. It’s no secret that children’s wear is saturated with unrelatable ideals of parenthood and children. We wanted her brand to be real. Centring the core of the brand on being playful and approachable we developed the name “Our joey”. Distinctively Australian and fun, a strong brand started to evolve.

We hand-painted a unique logotype and logo alongside a lively set of shapes that can be used isolated or as a pattern that changes from season to season. Using colours inspired by the diverse Australian landscape, we created a classic, gender-neutral colour palette.

Our approach to printed collateral and branding was luxe and minimal, yet playful, using no plastic and blind embossing techniques to add a tactile quality.

The icing on the cake which is so important for e-commerce, was the mailer box. Designed to make an impact from first contact, we wanted to excite the customer before even seeing the gorgeous product.

Client : Wendy Cam ( ourjoey.com.au )

Service: Identity design, packaging design, ecommerce design

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