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One of the most satisfying aspects of our work is to see the whole story. From brainstorming an idea, defining the vision, presenting the first logo, smelling the freshly pressed business cards, launching the business to meeting their first turnover goal.. There is nothing so rewarding as to witness the success of our customers.

With Mission Grow Advisors, we were given a short, straight forward brief with a strong vision. The client wanted the business to be viewed with a young, modern, forward-thinking brand with a strong sense of community beyond the traditional practice of finance firm.

Chris, the client with 15 years of experience as a financial advisor, has developed established methodologies and processes for beginning, rising and scale-up entrepreneurs.


We have adopted popular economy based strategy games such as FarmVille, Clash of Clans’ playing logic into a buildable/expandable brand model to communicate their scalable, personalised product offerings.

We developed a series of isometric voxel (3d pixel) illustrations of seedlings, harvesting, lemon tree, lemonade stands, watchdogs, trucks.. that symbolises planning, strategy, process building, asset management, compliances, etc. Each illustration was created in order to create different small or large farmscape depending on the stage of the business.

We’ve commissioned Studio Showoffs on creating digital assets for the branding, and various pixel illustrations were additionally developed in-house.

The new branding gave significant confidence to the founders entering the market. MGA has turned over a million in revenue in the first year since its launch.

Our next step, we’re working on Mission Grow Annual Awards.

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