Follow the Leader: Melbourne’s Best eCommerce Design

eCommerce market trends in 2017 are driving as quickly forward as the sales they produce. In 2013, eMarketer projected that by the end of 2017 Australia’s eCommerce sales would be an estimated AU $32.6 billion – representing a 21.6% growth in the past four years. With more retailers moving their sales platforms online, the average online Australian shopper is now expected to spend US $4,500 – a significant purchase from any one client.

How brands choose to go about reaching their ideal target market is an act of creativity completely at the hands of the maker. However, there are specific eCommerce design trends all businesses trading in 2017 should look for when both designing and managing successful online platforms, such as;

  • Responsive eCommerce Design
    Modern day consumers both expect and require the option for multiple platform use. This could include accessing their favourite sites from mobiles, tablets, and laptops – all of which should be able to accommodate a retailer’s content and simplified point of purchase system.

  • Quality Photography & Clean UI (User Interface)
    The modern consumer is predominantly visual – they both identify (or not!) with the idealistic lifestyle a brand is promoting and (unfortunately) will survey the usability and aesthetic of your web page to determine the feasibility of finding a solution to their problem within 59 seconds. Cluttered content and misleading taglines? They’re gone.

  • Seamless Checkout Process
    Excellent user experience is a must. Searching and purchasing systems must be streamlined and simple – these result in a success rate of converting a browser to a consumer. Does it take too long for a product to load into the purchaser’s cart? Gone again.

  • Appropriate Product Display
    The consumers of 2017 are highly distracted. It’s not our fault – one marketing research firm estimated that we are inundated with up to 5000 messages per day. The best strategy for cutting through the clutter? Keep it simple. For customers to recognise that your product or service will be the solution to their problem, they need to know exactly what you offer, immediately. Cut away the superfluous text and misleading imagery to streamline your platforms to represent exactly the solution you offer.

Looking for inspiration from online retailers who have mastered the art of attracting (and keeping!) their ideal clients? We ran the search for you and selected who we believe are running Melbourne’s best eCommerce websites (owned and operated by locals, and designed by Melbourne agencies.)


Mi Goals

(Goal Progress Diaries & Books)

Designed by: Flux Agency

Key Features: With clean and simple photos of each aspect of their products (including weekly and monthly schedules, budget trackers, and to do lists) Mi Goals imagery highlights exactly the product features their consumers are looking for. Social media posts include motivational quotes and tips for their consumers to a plan  their most productive day. (Hint, hint.)

Arro Home

(Homewares, Decor & Soft Furnishings)

Key Features: Organized by product category, and then by style and colour, Arro Home makes accessing and browsing their website (which includes hundreds of product images) incredibly easy – allowing users to find exactly what they’re looking for and make that purchase. 

Elk Accessories

(Australian Designed Fashion Clothing & Accessories)

Designed by: Soul + Wolf

Key Features: Elk’s website keeps it modern and simple – much like their product line. Users are invited to search for stockists, buy Gift Vouchers, and Login to their purchasing accounts directly from the site’s landing page. Your Shopping Cart quantity is tracked and purchase total tallied.

Simple Form

(Scandinavian & Japanese Homewares + Art)

Designed by: Elk Fox

Key Features: Representative of their name, Simple Form’s eCommerce design is clean, clear, and uncluttered. As an art retailer, SF often posts a photo of a photo – a tactic that shows clients how to style their spaces using SF products therefore, their web page is an extension of the same.

Design Stuff

(Designer & Contemporary Homewares)

Designed by: Friend of Mine

Key Features: Jumping on the bandwagon of the newly popular ‘ZipPay’, Design Stuff clearly and simply directs customers to Sign In to their purchasing accounts, search for specific products, and keep track of items added to their carts. ZipPay, a simple and secure way for shoppers to buy now and pay later, is highlighted as a key feature to help convert Design Stuff’s potential online buyers.

These Little Treasures

(Handcrafted Dolls)

Designed by: Symphonic Pixels

Key Features: Immediately displaying their handcrafted product selection, the These Little Treasures online store is designed to accommodate buyers from desktops, mobiles, and tablet devices. Design features not only include products for purchase, shopper payment methods, but the story behind the brand (an important feature for developing a lifestyle connection with your consumer), and a rewards program – a  free  bonus available for would-be buyers.


(Meal Replacements and Wellbeing)

Designed by: Symphonic Pixels

Key Features: Targeting the health conscious, working professional, Aussielent beats buyers to see themselves as part of the brand by opening their web page with an image of their ideal consumer. The business is targeting time-poor professional male customers who have limited time to cook healthy for themselves. As a result, Aussielent preemptively imagines a consumer’s ideal lifestyle with the consumption of their products.

Have you been considering rebranding your product or service to take advantage of these eCommerce design trends? Or perhaps you’re running a startup looking to attract and convert your ideal customers? From brand to website design, the right agency can help you identify your best potential clients and develop the words and images that will entice them.

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