Branding is the process of giving meaning to a company, product/s or
services by creating and shaping a brand in consumers’ minds.


Why we brand?

It is a strategy to help consumers quickly identify a company and its products/ services, and give consumers a reason to choose their products over competitors. When you think of big successful brands, you don’t just think of only their product – they have a vibe, evoke feelings and they create a distinct visual in your head. Think about Cadbury, Apple or Nike – what do you see in your mind? Those strong associations are the outcome of meticulous branding.


Our pricing


If you haven’t dealt with a designer before, you might be feeling a little confused.
That’s why we’ve created this Q&A with some of the questions we get asked most frequently.

1. What do you specialise in?


The whole branding spectrum.

We are obsessed with breaking down exactly what makes brands tick and how successful brands influence others and make people feel. Just like how companies like Coca Cola invest millions of dollars in branding through campaigns, product activation and merchandise, we too, cover these aspects in our work, except we work at a smaller scale to help new brands gain a leg up in the market, and that gives us so much more satisfaction. So we cover all branding – anything that the brand touches in your business such as naming, logos, packaging and digital, led by a strong strategy and design process.

2. What makes us different from other designers? 


We don’t just design to come up with something that looks good. As experts working at the intersection of business and graphic arts, we seek to address business goals by studying consumer psychology and human behaviour on a daily basis, and then designing with these points in mind. Our deep understanding of sales and marketing funnels help you get to the goal quickly, and we’ve got 10 years worth of proven 3V methodology and success stories!

3. So what will I actually get when I work with you?


Working with us means uncovering a fresh set of creative ideas and business experience from a dedicated design team to help you succeed. We work hand in hand with your marketing team or directors to deliver identity design and brand strategy, logos and guides to using them, artwork concepts, print-ready packaging , samples, merchandise, images, illustrations, industry contacts and loads of honest advice that will help you succeed.

4. How much will it cost?


We present our fees upfront after taking down the details of your requirements.

Our packages above will give you a good indication of what to expect from us and we provide you with a detailed, customised cost breakdown based on our clients need. When it comes to payment itself, we offer instalment payment plans to help out small businesses – we know how it is. 


You can answer these questions while waiting to hear back, which will speed up the process. Complete this brand questionnaire to help us understand your project better.


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